DG Pilferage Control And Remote Monitoring F.A.Q

Hydraulic Dry Disconnect Couplings, Tank Welding & Sealing. If required, GSM Controllers and sensors such as level sensor, DG running sensor, battery voltage sensor etc can be installed.

Customers can get a female Coupler from us. This can be connected to male side so that fuel can be given in the tank.

No, The female connection just opens the valves, so only fuel delivery is possible. No pipe, however small in diameter it may be, can pass through the couplers.
The seals are self-destructive type and have our logo embossed on them. Each seal also has a unique serial number, which can be validated from installation records.
Sealing is done on Fuel return pipes, Fuel filter, nozzles and any other loose openings.
Many type of sensors can be connected to the controller, such as Temperature sensor, AC current Sensor, DC voltage sensor, Alternator sensor, Fuel Sensor etc.
Depends on the budget of the customer. From a simple NO/NC switch to highly accurate Capacitance type fuel sensors, anything can be installed.
Yes, we provide interested customers with Web GUI.
Yes, if required, the application can request fuel to us automatically, if the level is low in the tank.
Yes, DG volume can be checked simply be sending an SMS, along with the unique code of DG set.