Synergy Green Diesel is a revolutionary distilled Bio Diesel that can be used as a drop in fuel in Stationary equipments like gensets and in high blend ratio with diesel in Transport Vehicles. It is a feedstock neutral B100 grade product made from Acid Oils, PFAD, Animal Fats etc.

Synergy Green Diesel fully conforms to BIS 15607:2016 and EU 14214 standards.

No modification is required to be done on existing diesel engines for using SYNERGY GREEN DIESEL.
Synergy Green Diesel can be used in any existing diesel engine on a standalone basis. It can be used as a drop in fuel in stationary engines like gensets. However, we recommend mild blending with diesel (>B75) before using in Vehicles. 
Synergy Green Diesel contains negligible aromatic compounds, hence pollution is very less. CO2 emission is approx. 80% less and particulate matter emission is practically absent. There is also very less NOx emission.
Because of presence of oxygen in fuel, the burning takes place more effectively hence combustion is proper and residual smoke is less, resulting in improved efficiency of fuel.
You can switch to use normal diesel anytime and in any blend with Synergy Green Diesel inside the diesel engine. Synergy Green Diesel and regular petroleum diesel can be used interchangeably, without any effect on the engine.
The Base market price of Synergy Green Diesel is cheaper than Retail Selling Price of regular Petroleum Diesel. Hence it is highly cost effective in such markets where discount is very difficult to get. So in a cheaper price, you get a better and more efficient product.
Better combustion, lubrication (100% better) and high cetane number compared to regular diesel ensures more power, longer engine life and better mileage. Synergy Green Diesel is an excellent solvent, so it keeps the engine cleaner from inside.
No extra maintenance is required. However, since Synergy Green Diesel is an excellent solvent and because of its cleansing properties, all the impurities and sediments inside fuel tank and nozzles are wiped out on initial use. This may lead to a chocking of Diesel Filter. We advise all our customers not to panic if they find the diesel filters chocked, if they are using SGD in old diesel engines. The filters change frequency may increase initially but once the engine has thoroughly been cleaned, the diesel engine will run smoothly without any hiccups.
However, no such issues are seen if SGD is used in new diesel engines.

Synergy Green Diesel fully conforms to BIS 15607:2016 standards. Some of the test values are:
Flash Point: >140°C
Cetane Number: 59
Density: 860 kg/m³
Because of its high Flash Point, Synergy Green Diesel comes under non explosive category and is extremely safe to handle.
Synergy Green Diesel can be used all the year round. Generally Bio Diesels forms a Gel at temperature below 15°C. Because of high quality distillation and addition of additives, SYNERGY GREEN DIESEL can be used even at temperatures lower than 0°C. All our customers in colder regions have reported that SYNERGY GREEN DIESEL can be used conveniently at 0°C.