Synergy Drishti


As the name suggests it allows you to manage your petroleum retail outlet remotely from anywhere.

Synergy Drishti is an automation application designed by our in-home team for managing and monitoring your retail outlet and consumer station. It focuses on the automation of the retail outlet resulting in the reduction of time constraints theft and pilferage of fuel. Now you can monitor all the activities happening on the pump (quantity of fuel dispensed/received in various equipment) and can verify dispense data on a real-time basis at your comfort. Minimal hardware and wireless connection are the main USP of Drishti.

Prominent Features, Remarkable Benefits.

Features & USPs

Our Main USPs

Automated Authorization
Our automation ensures fuel get delivered effectively and efficiently and is recorded properly.
We deploy industry best equipment’s and safety standards with our automation system.
Easy Payment
You can make payment for fuel either in online or offline mode.
Easier Reconciliation
Get instant records of all your fuel spends for faster reconciliation & effective compliance