DG Pilferage Control System


With DG Pilferage Control System, we close the next loophole in chain, i.e, fuel pilferage from DG tank. It is observed that diesel can be siphoned out from the Tanks of DG in remote rural areas. With the installation of our devices, this activity can be virtually eliminated. Our in depth field experience has let us to design this highly effective diesel pilferage control system and has demonstrated great success and resulted in high savings in diesel consumption in remote sites. Also, we can monitor these sites from anywhere, as all equipments on DGs/BTS can be controlled by our “Smart Controller”. Hence our customers can very easily have a transition from manned sites to unmanned sites.

We can proudly declare that our Pilferage control system is the most cost efficient yet most effective mechanism available in market today.


Our DG pilferage control mechanism consists broadly of two equipments:

Dry Disconnect Couplings


• Our Dry Disconnect Couplings are mechanical couplings designed for quick and spill free connection and disconnection of delivery hoses with Tanks. They are widely used by Telecom Service Providers for DGs in rural area. Dry Disconnect couplings offer industry leading valve technology for the safe transfer of fuel. Couplings are operator friendly and can be engaged with a simple and quick connection methodology without external locks, levers, buttons or cam ears. Coupling design allows for on-site replacement of seals. They are equipped with an integral swivel to prevent hose fatigue and facilitate coupling orientation.


• Firstly, the diesel tank on DG is properly welded and all open ends (including the fuel inlet pipe) are welded close. After this one end of the coupling is welded and installed on the tank and other end is installed on our FillNow fuel delivery hose pipe. Only when these two parts are connected, fuel delivery takes place. On disconnection, the coupling on tank shuts the valve automatically. Hence tank is fully sealed and fuel can no longer be siphoned out. All other pipes of DG and other connections are properly sealed with our unique seal (having unique seal number) so that any man handling can be easily identified.

Synergy Smart Controller

Synergy Smart Controller

• The below diagram shows a typical example:

• Our Smart Controller can connect to various types of sensors (2/4/8 number of inputs) and this can monitor and report changes to central control office.

• The parameters on this controller can also be changes remotely.

• Very cost effective and available in SMS type or GPRS data type.


More Savings

With Pilferage control from DG fuel tanks, we can expect further fuel savings up to 15-20%.

No need to appoint manned personnel all round the clock to monitor the sites. Hence savings in man hours.

Existing staff can be redirected to perform various other important works


At any point in time, customers can know diesel availability in tanks.

Prompt alarm in case of low fuel.

Effective utilization of ACs etc.

More efficiency in repetitive tasks.

There are many businesses that choose to use Synergy DG Pilferage Control System. Typically, these businesses are concerned about safety and environment issues, fuel contamination, theft and vandalism, administration and efficient utilization of staff. Also, with FillNow we assure you a quick and hassle free reconciliation of all your fuel spends and fuel delivery at your door steps.