Fully Automated delivery means no manual intervention in reporting Q&Q of fuel delivered. It consists of host of features such as auto receipt generation, Instant Alerts, Geo Fenced Delivery, Real Time Data Sync & RFID based dispensation.

Auto receipt generation: Whatever quantity of fuel is delivered from the refueller, a receipt is generated automatically by our application. The receipt has all details of delivered fuel, such as Date & Time of delivery, Quantity, Rate, Amount, DG readings etc. Since this is generated by the system itself, without any manual intervention, hence data is reliable and cannot be edited.

Instant Alerts: As soon as fuel delivery is complete, an SMS & Email is triggered from our servers to concerned manager, intimating the details of delivery.

Geo fenced Delivery: Our refueller can deliver fuel only to those recognized locations (within a certain operating radius) whose GPS is stored in our database. Hence, our refueller cannot deliver fuel to any arbitrary location.

Real Time Data Sync: As soon as the delivery is complete, all details pertaining to that delivery is uploaded to our servers, so that information can be accessed by our customers from anywhere.

RFID Based dispensation: This feature ensures that fuel is delivered inside Tank of DG set only. System comprises of RFID Tag & Reader (installed on Fuel nozzle). Only when the Tag reader is in range, fuel is authorized to be dispensed. As soon as fuel nozzle is taken away from Tag, fuel dispensation stops automatically.

Anything more than 300 litres in one instance, we deliver fuel free of cost to our customers. Currently, we do not deliver quantities less than 300 litres to MSMEs. For mobile towers, the transportation rate is decided on a case to case basis.

Payments can be made both Online and Offline. Online payments mean Funds Transfer via Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking, UPi or Wallet etc. Offline modes means Cheque & DD. Currently we do not accept Cash. There is also an exciting Pay Later option (Interest Free Credit). The credit amount and period is decided on a case to case basis.
Payments can be made in advance at the time of ordering, or can be made at the time of delivery. We also provide billing and payments on a cycle basis to our loyal customers, based on understanding with them. However, they have to pay a small financial charge to avail this benefit.
Our dispensers are approved and stamped by Legal Metrology department and we also keep a standard measure of 5 lts in our vehicle. At any point, customers can request quantity check. Also, density can be checked anytime to ascertain the quality delivered by us. Delivery Vehicle also has a copy of Lab test reports for the batch of fuel delivered.
Our Hose pipe is more than 20 metres in length, and is capable to go to remote locations.
You have to lodge fueling request from our Mobile App / IVRS system or website. We shall try to deliver fuel within the delivery slot chosen by you, typically within 6-8 hours of receiving request.
Yes, if delivery is scheduled for slots 6am – 9am or 7 pm-10pm, Customers receive a non-peak hour benefit.However, deliveries scheduled in these slots are limited and is offered on a first come first serve basis.
You can suitably escalate the delivery in our App or IVRS system or call to our centralized helpdesk number. Emergency deliveries are chargeable and dependent of product and refueller availability.
All our refuellers are technologically very advanced, and we follow best practices in industry to safeguard any kind of accidents.
Yes, Invoice is sent on your registered email ID as soon as fuel delivery is complete.
Though our target customer segment is Non-Transport, we can deliver fuel On-Site in Commercial vehicles but only if they are parked in a fixed well-defined warehouse/parking lot.
No, r

Our Minimum Order Quantity is 300 liters for refueling stationary equipments per location. For commercial vehicles in parking lots, it is decided on a case to case basis.

Current we offer the delivery of Diesel, Synergy Green Diesel and Lubricants to customers. Synergy Green Diesel is area specific and subject to availability.
There is a one-time enrollment Fee of Rs 1000/-. Along with this, you have to submit your KYC documents with us. Our executive will get in touch with you to complete all formalities.
The capacity of our each refueller varies according to the product it delivers. It is 1900 lts for Regular Diesel & 5000 lts for Synergy Green Diesel.
No, There is no surcharge. Fuel is of the same rate as per your nearest retail outlet, and is updated on a daily basis on our servers to keep our price in line with that of industry.